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How to Quickly Find the Right Prospect, at the Right Time, and Craft an Informed, Relevant, Customized, Personal COMPELLING Message

With most sales and marketing messages today getting ignored, having the right person to talk to is more important than ever. But that's not enough. Your only chance of piquing a shred of interest is having a customized, personalized message that is relevant to that individual. Otherwise, you get ignored or deleted (maybe like you are now).


In this free webinar:

  • How to locate Sales Triggers – discover prospects who actually want to hear about your solution today based on what’s going on in their world.
  • How to quickly and easily identify prospects who meet YOUR buying criteria, and even determine their possible contact details. (Warning: Sam will insist you only use these techniques for ethical purposes.)
  • How and where--with just a couple of keystrokes-- to find personal, professional, and organizational information that will help you craft a message that grabs instant interest. Stop being viewed as a salesperson and instead, be looked at as a valued solutions provider.

Sam Richter
Internationally-recognized sales intel expert

Art Sobczak
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